From Costa Rica to Texas – Welcome the Werth Family

By: Jerry Werth

Werth family arrives in Texas

We would like to introduce ourselves to the Texas Motocross community. We are Jerry and Ana Werth. We are originally from Denver Colorado but have lived in Costa Rica for the last 10 years. My wife and I moved to Costa Rica for the adventure and also so that our two young boys would have the opportunity to learn a foreign language (Issac and Dillon). The plan was to live and learn the Costa Rican culture for 1 year and then we would return back to the USA. 10 years later we still live there.

We are very involved in MX and both my boys race including my wife Ana. We haven’t been able to get Ana to gear up in Texas yet but I see it happening soon. She says the girls are pretty fast here and she has not been able to find the VET women’s class. Keep looking Ana!! My oldest son (Dillon) stayed back in Costa Rica to continue his studies and to watch over our family business. (We are drillers by trade) He’ll be here for the Winter Series but we are not sure of he will race.

My son Issac is racing the 250C class and he is living and learning the Texas style of MX. The tracks are very different here, as we have no sand tracks in CR. Almost all of our tracks are mixture of fertile earth and very little to no sand. It makes for either a very slippery or hard surface. Our tracks are not maintained like the Texas tracks. Texas riders have a lot to be happy about when it comes to the condition of their tracks. Issac is using his CR number 75 this year

Costa Rica is very active in the Motocross scene. This is the birthplace of Supercross lites champ Ernesto Fonseca. We love MX as it has done a lot for our family and we felt obligated to give back to the CR MX community. We have put together a foundation that helps young potential Costa Rican talent and help them craft their skills. Currently we are sponsoring a very young and capable rider named JP Chaves.

JP is 16 years old and shows potential for honing his skills to hopefully advance his ability to the next level. He is currently racing the 250A class and has raced at the last Underground “Giving Thanks” race and at the All-star Amateurs at Freestone. JP is young and full of ambition to not only become a top-level rider but to also to learn the American way of life. Feel free to go up to him and start a conversation, he is very polite, personal and he loves to chat MX! He is sporting his Costa Rican number of 82.

We are currently working on bringing another young talented rider here for the Texas winter series. His name is Adrian and he just turned 13 years old. He will be racing the 250 B class. Adrian was the Costa Rican national champion in the 85CC class. Super fast kid and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do in the 250B class.

Im a PRO action shots photographer. You will see me at most races on the track with my gear snapping shots documenting our journey. All my work can be seen on my website I also post my photos on facebook and link to the track websites.

Thank you for welcoming us to your wonderful state. We look forward to making friends with you and sharing the MX way of life.

Jerry Werth

  • Rj

    This kid is a class act. Extremely nice, personable and he is quick.

  • Pettyc58

    I’m a 450 novice rider and would like to welcome ya to Texas!

  • SSGHopkins

    We are moving to Costa Rica and I have some questions about the MX scene there can you email me at (I medically retired from the Army out of San Antonio)