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Thread: Zach Jaynes, Boondoxxx mx host the march 17th race to help with medical bills

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    Default Zach Jaynes, Boondoxxx mx host the march 17th race to help with medical bills

    Just spoke with uncle boogie, Zach is doing much better! We consider Zach our local super cross racer, In speaking with uncle boogie he asked if any of our racers needed any items that are race related, like bars, grips, stands, race fuel, tire stand, fuel tanks, and lots of other stuff. I asked him way he was selling all the stuff, he said it was extra stuff and was going to use the money to help offset some of the medical bills. It turns out that he has a major medical policy, they pay 80% Uncle boogie pays 20%. Not sure how much the total will be, but i am sure it will be over 100,000$, or 20k for the family. and maybe much more. They will bring out lots of stuff 4 sale, all good stuff. Boondoxxx will be donating part of the gate fees to the family, lets show them some of the MX love for our local super cross racer ZACH JAYNES.

    Lets make this clear Uncle Boogie never asked for help, We need to step up as a racing family and show that we are a family! Uncle Boogie has done so much for the north texas MX world, Lets do something for the Jaynes family!!!!

    Its also My understanding that Uncle boogie will be bringing Zach out to our track Saturday around 4 pm and will stay as long as he can, He is in great pain!

    Also Sarah Whitmore Ktm Pro racer will also be out at the track for a meet and greet.

    Dont forget SLM racing will have some of there racer out there as well, they are always looking for new talent!

    Thanks, we look forward to seeing everyone Saturday night.

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    Zach and his whole family are in our prayers. It is sad that some can't see that new "NEW" is a work in progress and can't be made into a "Freestone" over night, even if it does have the exact same dirt as Freestone, minus the sand, work, love, heart and soul that Mr. Tony Miller has put into it, making Freestone a premier track on the AMA circuit ... Your support for Zach and his family is what is important here. We love you Zach and the whole Jaynes family. I would be there to support him even if I was still living in Arkansas. A special thank you goes out to Sarah Whitmore and KTM for their support as well.

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    I'd be more than happy to come out and help a friend.

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    Thank you to all our racers and there families for coming out to support Zach and his family, He really looks great. We where so happy they spent the evening with us, what a great young man. To all Zach loyal friends and fans thanks for coming out.

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    We had an AWESOME time at Boondoxx Saturday night! We were only going to stay a couple of hours but we had such a good time we stayed until the races were over, around 11 p.m. Thanks to you Kevin, Brian, and your crew for having us out....and helping out!
    While Boondoxx may not be "the place" some of you prefer to ride, it is what the sport is all about. A true MX Community thrives out there, and the people we met were the friendliest and most laid back we have ever encountered.
    After the races Kevin left the lights on and people camped out and rode into the wee morning hours, all at no charge.
    If you're looking for an after hours place to ride hit him up, he's like a Motel 6, he'll keep the light on for ya!
    If you know people looking to get into the sport Boondoxx is great for that. Most of the people we met there had only been in the sport a few months and they were all having the time of there lives it seemed like. All in all a great experience and exactly what we needed, we really needed to get out of the house!
    Kevin is doing a great job in trying to bring new people in to the sport and it showed, keep up the good work Kevin and thanks again my friend!


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