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Thread: Red Rock Mx

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    Default Red Rock Mx

    I was looking around and found this track

    Has anyone ever been their? It says its private on the website...just wondering

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    Matt Tallon owns it, Shorty is a regular there in the outdoor season. It's one of the sweetest tracks in Texas.
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    Oops, I seen a recent video of him on what they called his "personal track", and it looked just like that one.
    you like it rough?

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    I was fortunate enough to get an invite from Matt through a friend Davbrucas and let me tell you, that track is sick. Huge jumps, prob 20 of them, all sand, awesome everything. He usually invites about 50 people at a time and its waaaaay the hell southeast of austin but its worth it. I only got a couple hours to ride, next time Im camping out. Matt seems like a really nice guy too.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I was just wondering because some friends from Minnesota are coming back down to Texas and we were looking for a cool track to go camp and ride during the weekend, thought about three palms but they are having a race the weekend we planed the trip. So i found Red Rock, and it looks i was just wondering if you had to email him to get an invite or he just invite's friends.

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