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Thread: 1977 Yamaha YZ 250

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    Default 1978 Yamaha YZ 250

    *EDIT* Found out this is a 1978, not a 77'.

    I picked this up thinking I would at least partially restore it and ride with the vintage guys but I've quickly realized I've got too much on my plate as it is to be working on a 3rd bike.

    It needs at minimum a carb and a seat. The guy I got it from says he had it running recently though I have not started it myself so I can't confirm it (if you want to throw a carb on there and come by and give it a whirl though, I'm game). The rims are in excellent shape and worth the asking price of the bike alone. Brakes work, forks appear to be decent. It rolls smoothly and shifts without any issues that I can see.

    $150 or let me know if there is something you really need and I will probably part it out. The whole bike won't be available for long because with the prices I've seen people getting for parts for the bike on ebay, I'd be crazy not to simply part it out and get 3 times what I'm asking. However, due to time constraints it would be simpler for me to just sell the whole bike to someone who either wants to get it going or needs a parts bike.

    Let me know if you want any more specific pics or if you want to swing by and have a look at it (I'm in Keller).

    And yes, I know my lawn needs mowed

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    Default yz250

    call me i want your bike 817 307 6590 or

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    not sure what happened there, I thought mxpunk wanted it but never did here back from him, so as far as I know, the bike is still available as a whole for a little while until I decide to part it out.

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