District 41 – Village Creek Race Report


By Graybeard


Although Buffalo Creek was originally scheduled to host the fourth round of the 2013 AMA District 41 Championship Motocross Series, rain washed that event into the November 3rd Series Finale spot, placing Sunday’s fourth round at Village Creek in Ft Worth, Texas.  And after a three week break in the series, nearly 300 riders turned out eager to race over Terry Cordray’s redesigned layout that featured a devilish new section of gnarly sand whoops and a rhythm section that extended deep into the woods, both of which proved crucial to outcomes in many classes.

Cheyenne Harmon mastered the new sections and took advantage of Pro Series points leader John Short’s absence to capture every moto of both the 250 and 450 Pro ranks, piloting two different brands of bikes to come from behind in heavily contested action. In moto one of the 450 Pros, Kerry Moore grabbed the early lead aboard his Honda, while Harmon had to work his KTM 450 past Munn Racing’s Derek Kemp and Peyton Malugani in the early stages. Harmon and Moore went bar to bar until Harmon worked past on the uphill double heading into the new sand whoop section. Once by, Harmon held command for the remainder of the race, with Moore, Kemp, Malugani and Aaron Smith behind. In moto two, Harmon again worked past Moore and Kemp in the early stages, held steady for the moto and took the overall win, with Moore and Kemp two-three. Malugani picked up fourth once again, with Jeremy Huddleston taking fifth in the moto and fifth overall. In the first 250 Pro moto, Harmon found himself and his Honda CRF in third early after the start, then fought past Malugani and Kemp to take the win. Moto two saw Malugani put his KTM out front early once more, and again he and Harmon went head to head for most of the race until Harmon drove past deep in the rhythm section to take control. Malugani and Kemp again crossed two-three to end the moto.

In the Collegeboy Amateur ranks, Cody Williams of Borneveld, WI made his series debut and traded moto wins with Speed Graffix’s Shelby Peterson; Williams’ 2-1 score earned the overall ahead of series points leader Peterson’s 1-2. Brice Reed went 4-3 to take third overall ahead of Reece Dunlap and Andre Mock. Peterson returned in the Schoolboy 2 class to trade moto wins with Dalton Leslie, taking the overall with a 2-1 tally to Leslie’s 1-3. Alec Mellick battled the two moto winners to post a 3-2 total, good enough for third overall ahead of Kody Stricklin’s 4-4 and series points leader Blake Polson’s 6-5. In a wide open Schoolboy 1 class, Cody Eaton traveled up from Houston to take both motos and his second series overall, but Polson’s 3-3 second overall will keep him in the series points lead for the class. Zane Merrett and Drake Dunlap each picked up a second place moto finish, but Merrett’s 2-4 nipped series points runner-up Dunlap’s 5-2 for third overall. Tristan Falls rounded out the top five with a 4-5 tally.

Peterson and Mellick went bar to bar once again in the 250B class, trading moto wins with Peterson taking the overall with his better second moto. Series points leader Jeremy Jonas, Billy Ottervanger and Travis Ashburn rounded out the top five. Leslie, meanwhile, traded moto wins with Mellick in the Open Amateur division. Leslie’s 1-2 topped Mellick’s 4-1, while Kyle Williams went 3-3 for third overall. Reed went 2-4 for fourth ahead of Wade Shephard’s 6-5 finish.

The Over 25, Over 30 and Over 35 Amateur classes saw some of the hottest contested racing of the afternoon. In the Over 25 ranks, Jesse Chambers and Bryan Burnett traded moto wins to finish 1-2 overall, while Robert Scruggs and Jayson Martelle traded thirds and fourths to finish 3-4 overall ahead of Jason Shaffor. Adam Montoya topped both motos in the Over 30 Amateur ranks, while Martelle fought off Chambers in the second moto for the runner-up spot. Shaffor went 5-4 for fourth overall, followed by Jeff Odom’s 4-5. Odom won the first moto of the Over 35 Amateur race, but a sixth in moto two dropped him to fourth overall behind Mike Freeman’s 2-2 tally, second moto winner Mike Grant’s 5-1 score, and Montoya’s 3-3 third overall. Nathan Asay grabbed fifth overall despite taking fourth in both motos. All of these riders are in the thick of the points chase for the series championships, which will undoubtedly go down to the final round in November.

Troy Assemany ran away with the Over 35 A and Over 40 A classes, taking all four motos, while Freeman backed up his Over 35 win with a pair of moto wins in the Over 40 class. There, Brody Erwin, Stan Ashburn, Johnie Cook and Blake Kretz followed Freeman across the line in each moto and the overall. In the Over 50 action, Clay Hoenshell grabbed a pair of holeshots and checked out in each moto, leaving Timm Lucher and Brian George to swap second and third positions throughout each moto. George emerged with second in each round for the runner-up overall, with Lucher 3-3 and Jeffrey Marks fourth both times. Mike Campbell looks sharp in taking both motos in the Vet Beginner class, taking over the series points lead, while Steve Ebeling’s 2-2 not only took second overall, but moved him into the runner-up spot in the series as well.

In the Beginner ranks, Brady Cashion captured both motos of the 250 class. Behind him, Tyler Burris and Chad McMahon battled for second and third, where Burris’ 3-2 was good enough for the runner-up overall ahead of McMahon. Chance Craven and Dustin Parker completed the top 5 in each 250 moto and overall. Craven returned in the 450 Beginner class by taking both moto wins and the overall ahead of Steve Ebeling. Drake Dunlap captured both motos of the 2-stroke Open Amateur class, with Logan Kustanborter second each time.

The largest classes of the day came in the 250C and 450 C Divisions, with 20 riders leaving the gate in the 250 segment. Derrick Rule worked his way into the lead of each moto to capture a 1-1 overall victory and move past series points leader Kustanborter, who had a horrendous day with 18-18 finishes. Elrick Flory came into the race second in the series standings, but a 4-13 score left him eighth overall for the day. Kent Whinnery and Austin Fulton swapped second place moto finishes behind Rule for second and third overall respectively, while Alex Morris (5-10) and Austin Hodges (13-3) battled their way into the top five overall spots. Flory found redemption in the 450 C class, as the series runner-up heading into the round managed to gain ground on series leader Kustanborter with a 1-1 posting. Kustanborter, who had won every 450 C series overall thus far, went 13-DNF on the day. Rule fought his way to second in each race, while Justin Huckaby and Brad Brumley battled one another for third and fourth overall. Austin Stenner captured the fifth overall position with a 4-6 final score.

For the Women’s Divisions, Courtney Moore moved into the series lead for the Pro class by capturing both motos and the overall. Women’s 12+ series leader Akana Larson remained in control after her overall win, but it was a tough battle thanks to first moto winner Kristin Duffey. Adisyn Joplin went 4-3 for third overall, while Joely Lindsey grabbed fourth ahead of Alyssa Joplin.  In the 9-14 class, Rachel Dennis won both motos to continue her undefeated series thus far, while series runner-up Alanna Joplin continued the chase with her 2-2 total.

Dennis returned in the 85/150 Beginner division and grabbed both motos for the overall ahead of Nicolas Grant, who worked his way up to second in each moto. Trever Bowman and Shawn Switalski traded third and fourth each moto for third and fourth overall respectively, while Hudson Lightfoot put together a pair of fifths for fifth overall in the division.

Action in the Supermini class continued to be fast and furious, as Zane Merrett, who captured the overall at Oakhill in the third round, once again took the overall with a 1-1 score. Right behind him in each moto was series points leader Tyler Sudderth, who topped Tyler Wilson and Tristan Falls in both motos. Fifth overall went to Carson Prewett with his 8-5 finishes.

Just as heated was the racing in the 85cc divisions. In the 85cc 9-11 division, Riley Allen and Branden Walther traded 1-2 scores, with Allen taking the overall ahead of Walther, Jack Bridges (4-4), Lucas Johnson (7-3) and Owen Westfall (5-5). In the 85cc 12-15 class, Cody Eaton captured both motos and the overall ahead of Ashton Bloxom, Caleb Weaver, Nick Lawrence and Cody Ware. Thrown all together in the 85cc Combined category, Walther and Bloxom each fought their way to a moto win, with Walther’s 2-1 beating out Bloxom’ s 1-3 and Allen’s 3-2. Lawrence took fourth with his 6-4 against Ware’s 4-6 fifth overall.

Branden Walther returned in the 65cc Division to capture the 65cc 10-11 and the Combined overalls, winning all four motos. Wesley Mihail’s 3-2 in the 10-11 class earned him the runner-up overall ahead of Cameron Harrison’s 4-3, Bryce Lizzarraga’s 2-5 and Joseph Kastl’s 5-4, while in the 65cc 7-9 class Brock Walker captured both motos ahead of Henry Wright, with Daniel Milburn (6-3), Logan Bard (8-4), and Zachary Applegate (7-5) rounding out the top five. Wright and Walker battled again in the Combined action, this time finding Wright with the better overall due to his 3-2 against Walker’s 2-3. Ethan Moore moved into the top five overall with his 5-4 score ahead of Mihail’s 4-6 finish.

Taking on the very same track as the big bikes, the 50ss Limited saw Cavin Harrison capture both motos and the overall, ahead of Konner Hayes’ 3-2 and Christopher Smith’s 2-3. Canyon Carr put together a pair of fourths to top Jackson Mcwhorter in the top five overalls.  In the 51cc ranks, AJ Wright posted a 2-1 moto score to take the 4-6 overall ahead of Kaden Schaeper (3-3), Colorado’s Kannon Johnson (4-4), Smith (7-2) and Hayes (5-5). First moto winner Brody Farris had a mechanical failure and had to push across the second moto for seventh overall. In the 7-8 age group, Ashton Werline topped Zachary Applegate in both motos and the overall, while Gunner Johnson, also from Longmont, CO, went 4-3 to beat Cavin Harrison’s 3-5 and Carson Mainquist’s 5-4. In the 51cc Combined category, Werline again dominated both motos for the overall. Gunner Johnson and Applegate battled each other in both races, with each one taking a second, but it was Johnson grabbing second overall with his 3-2 ride. Mainquist went 4-4 for fourth ahead of Harrison’s 5-5 total.

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